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  Hard Drive Data Recovery
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ARAX Disk Doctor - Data Recovery Software

ARAX Disk Doctor is a data recovery software which has a wide range of capabilities for:

In addition, this all-in-one data recovery tool contains a HEX Editor, that allows the viewing and editing of bytes within a file or directly on a disk or Virtual Drive.

In ARAX Disk Doctor's user-friendly interface, you can navigate through local data storage devices using familiar Explorer-like controls. For performing complicated tasks such as data recovery, partition restoring and file searching, ARAX Disk Doctor provides Wizards that guide you through simple data recovery steps.

Immediate Software Download

ARAX Disk Doctor - Data Recovery program is available for immediate download. You can download the free data recovery software first to evaluate it before buying.

Give It a Try

Download ARAX Disk Doctor - Data Recovery software to:

  • Recover data lost by accidental deletion, a software crash, virus infection or the accidental format of a hard drive.
  • Recover deleted files, restore folders from the recycle bin on hard drive or from any removable devices
  • Restore partitions (FAT32 or NTFS partitions)
  • Detect and restore damaged partitions
  • Virtually reconstruct disassembled or damaged RAIDs for data recovery
  • Create and work with Disk Images for data recovery
  • Perform an advanced search for deleted data detection
  • Edit raw sectors on a drive, or edit file clusters using the HEX Editor
  • Preview the contents of deleted files before data recovery.

A License Key

Once you have purchased the product, a license key will be automatically installed in your system during the purchasing process. You don't need to restart the program to unlock the software for full use.

Safe Data Recovery

The data recovery method by ARAX Technologies uses no file overwrite operation on your original disk or data. It saves your data and writes the data to a different location that you specify.

What data is possible to recover with ARAX Disk Doctor - Data Recovery?

  • Lost files
  • Documents
  • Photos
  • and other data can be restored from floppy disk, Zip drive, Compact Flash, Smart Media, SONY Memory Stick or other removable media and hard disk drives.

How to Restore Lost Data Using Our Data Recovery Software

Novice-friendly wizards make it a snap to search for and recover erased files and folders. Every step of the wizard is available through direct options for the advanced user. The time to scan a drive depends on its size and complexity. You can easily stop a scan before it completes.

ARAX Disk Doctor Data Recovery is flexible enough to handle most drive types and partition problems. The demo version is limited to recovering files of less than 64 Kbytes. This utility is strong enough for all advanced users and can be easily operated by novices. Recovering files is logical, efficient, and speedy.

New version 3.1 is available now. Various improvements are added to enhance stability and performance. Windows 7 is supported.

Our Customers Say

"I finally came across your software after 3 attempts with other data recovery programs. ALL I HAVE TO SAY - IS YOUR APPLICATION IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST. My dynamic Raid 0 failed with 4 drives and no other application that said it worked with raids could recover anything and your application worked the first time and reliably. I am thankful you have created such a great product.
Brian Williams."

"Thank you. Had a problem with a 1TB RAID 0 array.
ARAX Disk Doctor trial was many times faster and much cheaper than 5 alternatives that I was trying last night.
Now have an image of everything that was on the pair of discs.
Many Thanks.

"The only thing WRONG with ARAX Disk Doctor is that most people have not heard of it. I searched and researched many products. I downloaded and demoed most. None come close to the MAGIC in your product. NTFS recovery has NO BETTER chance with anything else. You are the leaders ! Thank you for saving my 2 LARGE NTFS DISKS from total loss.
Bob Fox."

"Perfectly restored my corrupted flash disk partition! Works very well.

Data Recovery Basics

Good file recovery software alone is not enough to ensure that you undelete most or all of your deleted files. There are some things you should do in between the time you realize the files are missing and you actually recover them. Read on

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